CEW Beauty Product Demonstration.

As you are reading this, I am most likely on my way back into New York City to attend the much anticipated CEW (Cosmetic Executive Women) product demonstration. It is here that I will get to look at, feel, smell, and possibly even sample over 600+ beauty products.

cew_seal.jpgI attended this event three times before, but have not gone for, I think, at least three or four years. So I am really excited.  As the CEW organization has grown, so has the number of entries. I think that the first time I attended there was just over 200 products up for awards. Now, knowing the power that the CEW Award Winning seal means to consumers, brands are jumping to get into the mix. You see, CEW is an organization of over 4,000 women that are somehow in the cosmetic industry. So, we are in the know, and know what works, what doesn't, and it awards us the honor of voting on the very best of the best.

I will be back tomorrow and will let you know all about it. Stay tuned for product reviews of my standout favorites too.

To learn more about CEW, please visit them at CEW.org