Ingenious Mascara Packaging with LashControl.

Once a mascara is used more than a few times, do you notice that more and more product starts to come out on the brush? Do you often remove this excess product with a tissue? I do. So when I was at the CEW Product Demo with Total Beauty, I was thrilled to see this new mascara product called LashControl.


The difference in this product is in the packaging. It is no wonder they were a finalist for a 2007 HBA International Packaging Design Award. You see, as you remote the mascara wand from the tube, you can squeeze this rubber piece that is actually part of the tube. You see, you will gently squeeze the tube as you remove the wand, and the pressure your apply to the rubber part will determine the amount of product that stays inside the mascara tube and the amount of product that comes out onto the wand. In other words, the pressure you apply will vary upon your application for say day time versus night time.

Here is the in-depth description from the manufacturer:
"The built in wiper sleeve at the mouth of the mascara tube is easily manipulated.... Now your brush can be BOTH AN APPLICATOR AND LASH SEPARATOR.

The mascara comes with a fitted, snap-down vinyl "baggie" for added protection inside your make-up bag. The extra inch of distance provided by the flexible wiper offers another barrier to air and foreign particle contact with the formula which make the mascara perform better and for a longer period of time.

The LashControl wiper sleeve and container are manufactured by a major supplier to the cosmetics industry. This innovative system has been in development for more than 4 years and has been successfully tested for functionality, loss-of-volume shelf life and durability."

While I have not tried the actual mascara in the tube, I felt it important enough to point out that this could be an innovation in the mascara industry.

LashControl is not yet widely available but there are a few retail outlets that currently stock this mascara as well as

I bet that we will see similar packaging from other mascara leaders or perhaps our favorite brands will partner with these innovators to use the packaging with their own formulaes.