Red Carpet Ready!

Are ready for tonight's red carpet?

red_carpet.jpgStylist? Check

Gown? Check

Shoes? Check

Jewels? Check

Makeup Artist? Check

Hair Stylist? Check

Photographer? Check

Anything else? Oh yeah - an assistant and hot man to get me through? Check, Check!

So, I am my own stylist, with help from my daughter. My gown is of the "wrap" variety by Victoria's Secret in the finest white French terry with pink polka dot's. I will be the first to admit that is does absolutely nothing for my figure, but comfort is key, right? My shoes, will be a matching pink, and they are of the lovely "slip on" variety by Dearfoams. So, they don't add any height, but again, comfy, comfy, comfy. As for my jewels, I do have some nice bling - which I might just pile on for the event. How many diamond necklaces, bracelets, and rings piled on together are considered too much? Hmm, maybe my stylist can help me with this one. My face will be freshly scrubbed and washed, again by my favorite resident makeup artist - me! My hair, well, I plan to get some help here from one of the most famous hair stylists in my own house. Oh yeah - that again, is me! I plan to help pile my hair high on my head and tie it up with a nice non-snag elastic band. I can just picture how gorgeous I will look!

My personal photographer will definitely chronicle the event, but I doubt that any of the photographs will be made public, as I am a bit camera shy. But I can guarantee that my 4 lovely assistants, aged 16, 12, 10, and 8, will bother help me through the pre-shows and telecast, and my gorgeous escort for the evening, and the one that I have depended on for 20 years, will at least make an appearance to be checking out the other lovely ladies on the red carpet. (By the way, George Clooney said he would be my escort for the night, but he once again, decided it would be best to actually be on the West Coast and in the auditorium for the actual Oscar event as he just might win the award he is nominated for, and he is telling me that he will be presenting as well. One day, George... one day!)

Sounds like fun, doesn't it? I think I will be ready!

I will be taking notes, and while I love to look at it all, I am going to try and concentrate on the hair and makeup looks on the ladies and will be bringing you my take on them later tonight and probably throughout most of the week.

Stay tuned.