Anastasia Brow Shop at Sephora.

My daughter made a surprise (surprise to me) visit to the Anastasia Brow Shop in Sephora last week.

Long story short, she had earlier been to Bendel's where a makeup artist showed Caci how to even her skin tone with a bit of tinted moisturizer, how to accent her eyes with some clear mascara and use a bit of a natural pearly lip gloss on her lips. Perfect for a 13 year old, though I think it should wait longer than that - but who am I kidding. Anyway, all of the talk was about her eyebrows and how she really needed them professionally shaped. The makeup artists' that she was working with suggested the Brow Shop at the Sephora Times Square. So off my sister and Caci went.


When my sister saw that it was the Anastasia Brow Shop she was even more excited, as I think she sneaks most of my Anastasia products from me.

They took great care of Caci and did a down right beautiful job on her brows. She had parts of her brows waxed, tweezed, trimmed, and thinned out with a razor. You cannot imagine the difference it made to her. Not only her look, but her self-esteem as well.

They spent just over 30 minutes with Caci, as there was a lot of work to do and they took extra care to be gentle and not hurt her at all. They had agreed that the charge would be $32 for the session, but seeing Caci weep as she looked in the mirror, the tech called in others to see the difference it made.  They were all in agreement that they could not take a dime from them. No tip, no charge, no nothing. How is that for New York? Unheard of. I wish I could thank them myself! (I will be sending in a note)

We will be getting her touch-ups whenever they are warranted, but obviously it will not be back in NYC, though Caci doesn't understand why I would not bring her to the city a few times a month just for it. Trust me, if I were closer than the two hours away that I am, I would take her in a second. 

The Anastasia Brow Shop is only in the Sephora stores in Times Square and Fifth Avenue. It is a must stop if you are in either store in New York City. 

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