billybBEAUTY Paint Brushes.

From one of the most talented, sought-after, innovative makeup artists of our time, Billy B, comes his collection of makeup brushes. He calls his brushes Paint Brushes, which is actually pretty fitting, as we use brushes to paint and sculpt our canvas everyday, don't we?


"Each brush in the collection is designed specifically for its individual function, resulting in the ultimate application. I personally selected a range of high quality blends of both natural and synthetic components for maximum performance and function in mind, providing an easy and ultimate application and blending of product and color to create the most beautiful makeup application. But I didn't stop there. I also paid special attention to the handle, length and weight. The handle is a lightweight, varnished birch that is chic, comfortable, easy to use and store." - Billy B

In one word - beautiful! The brushes are amazing and well-worth every cent. Your makeup can be the best, but if is put on half-heartedly with poor quality brushes and applicators, you will not get the full benefit of the makeup and you know. Once you try professional quality brushes, you will see and know the difference, almost immediately - trust me!

For the professional or regular gal that cannot get enough of her makeup brushes, there is the billybBEAUTY Master PAINT BRUSH Collection. For $259, you get his full line of 13 brushes.

For the regular gal who must-have the essentials, then this collection, which is my favorite, would be for you. It is the The billybBEAUTY Essential PAINT BRUSH Collection. This set has the eight essential brushes needed for everyday use. The set includes the following brushes:
Two - Foundation Brush
Three - Powder/Blush Brush
Four - Contour Brush
Eight - Firm Eyeshadow Brush
Ten - Eyeliner Brush
Eleven - Stiff Angled Brush
Twelve - Soft Angled Brush
and a special lightweight aluminum, retractable lip brush.

The billybBEAUTY Essential PAINT BRUSH Collection sells for $159, and is so worth it all.

You must visit entire billybbeauty site for more about the master and the rest of his collection. Billy - I will be waiting for the makeup, along with many others I am sure.

We can hope for it, can't we?

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