Backstage at Fashion Week: Jason Wu.

I was backstage at the Jason Wu '08 Fall Winter Show last Friday. What an honor it was. It was privilege to see Romy Soleimani, lead makeup artist in action.

Romy was inspired by the fifties/seventies for the look she created, but softer and more lady like.

Eyes were a bit smoky, with MAC's eyeshadow in Soot, sadly only a pro product (meaning you have to buy it through a Pro Store) with some MAC Reflects in Gold washed over it. Reflects is a very fine glitter powder, so the eyes were not overly glittery, just a bit of the gold was picked up through the Reflects in the light. Lashes were long and full thank to a new mascara the artists are working with. The Mascara is not set to launch until the fall, and it is so new, that there is no name to it yet. Let me tell you though, especially since MAC is not noted for their mascaras, that MAC will be known with this new innovation in Mascara. The product development is amazing on this with something very unique hidden inside the wand. This innovation is used to help spring lashes into perfect shape and form, while coating the lashes evenly from root to tip. The eye look was complete with a fuller brow, which Romy spent a lot of time on. The brows were a bit angular, but not too harsh.


The cheeks were kept pretty natural looking, yet sculpted a bit. Romy used the newer Sculpt and Shape Powder for this, with Sculpt being a very light natural pink and Shade being used to sculpt right under the cheekbone. Romy said that Sculpt and Shape is one of her new faves!

Lips were stained with a berry lipstick, then softened with Blushcreme in Lilicent, a peachy pink cream.

The entire look was very wearable, one I would wear in a second. I know that the Blushcreme is definitely on my must-have list, as is the Mascara, though I will be waiting with the rest of you on that until the Fall.