Fragrance Friday - Philosophy's Grace Scents.

One if the most fantabulous things about the Philosophy fragrances are that you can layer them. Fragrance over fragrance, over shampoo, shower gels, or moisturizers. Anywhere you wear them, particularly any of the "grace" fragrances, will leave you smelling super sweet, and fresh. Never, ever overly done.

In case you do not know of the Philosophy Grace scents, let me introduce them to you.


Amazing Grace
The original grace fragrance is Amazing Grace. This scent is a very light and feminine blend of soft, floral blossoms. With a hint of musk, more noticeable on some people than others, this scent is an everyday fresh and airy choice.

Pure Grace
Like almost the prettiest smelling soap and water, clean and fresh, this scent is not like any other I have used in a fragrance. The fresh blossoms in this scent are lighter and the musk more clean, almost crisp.

Inner Grace
This is another very soft floral scent. Light and fresh, like sniffing blossoms through the air. This one is the lighter and almost more "girly" of the scents.

Baby Grace
If you want to conjure up thoughts of a baby or want to smell like the most pure and innocent, cleanest of bambinos, then this one is for you. I love this scent, and I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t. It almost evokes calm and memories of childhood right after spraying.

You can mix and match any of the scents to make them lighter or more floral. And as everyone is unique, every combination is as well. On the weekends, I love to use the Baby Grace perfumed body lotion, layering it with one spray of the fragrance and then dab the Pure Grace on my pulse points. Dreamy!