So Wishy-Washy!

body_scrubbie.jpgFinding the perfect body wash is no easy task.

I don't think I have ever even finished an entire bottle of shower gel or body wash. Not because I do not like one or another, there are just so many wonderful washes on the market each with it's own qualities. Let's face it, a new or different scent is always so welcoming in the shower making the discovery of the ultimate wash so difficult. Yes, I am very wishy-washy when it comes to body washes.

First, to be a good wash, it needs to smell nice. Not overpowering where it will interfere with any body creams or fragrance, but a scent that smells nice when simply worn alone. I like a good lather - the more bubbles the better - but I have found some washes that I really like that have a minimal amount of bubbles, but make up for it with another quality. Finally, I like to feel moisturized from my wash, clean too. Not left with a film or feeling stripped, but feeling and smelling fresh and clean, using it as intended.

Over the past week or two, I have used a number of different washes, ten in fact. One was a scrub, the other just washes. Two of them have made their way to my husband's shower, and one to my son's. The rest I am sharing with my daughter - and she can't even pick out a favorite either.


Olay Calm Release with Violet and Lavender* - This body wash has quite a strong smell, but nice, that suds up quite nicely. It feels very moisturizing and almost slippery, but it contains a large amount of petrolatum (second on the ingredient list after the water) and I think that is why I feel moisturized without really getting moisturized in the end. This is my daughters favorites as she loves the heavy violet scent.

Sephora Coconut Body Wash - When I smelled this in Sephora, I just had to have it. Being that it was probably 20 degrees outside, I think it conjured up thoughts of warm sun as I took it in. It makes me feel the same way when I use it in the shower. The scent and nice sudsing has me looking for it a lot, only to find that my husband sneaks this one out of my shower. When I remember to, I sneak it back in before my shower.

Bath and Body Works Velvet Tuberose* - Though this is not made with the finest of ingredients (I hate that B & B W uses so much mineral oil as fillers in their products), this Signature Shower Gel in the Velvet Tuberose scent makes one think that it is. I sort of think of my grandmother who loved to travel and was a bit mysterious when I open this scent. And just look at the notes in the fragrance: top notes - Modern Citrus, Dewey Magnolia, Juicy Apricot, Ylang Ylang, Green; mid notes - Tuberose Accord, White Freesia, Tender Cyclamen, Diamond Orchid, Heady Gardenia, Indian Jasmine, Succulent Fig; base notes - Addictive Ambers, Sensual Sandalwood, Exotic Spices, Cashmere Accord, Warm Musks. As with all the B & B W washes and gels, there is a lot of soapy lather and I like the way a little goes a long way and the bottles seem to last forever.

Philosophy Soul Mates in Grapefruit - This citrusy scent also makes one think of Summer, or at least a warm sunny winter day. The scent is great, more citrus than actual grapefruit, in my opinion, and a superior wash like all of the Philosophy famous 3-in-1's.

Suave Exhale Calmly Body Wash* - This is a bargain body wash that I really like. Just because it is such a bargain, does not mean it is not bubbly and beautiful feeling on the skin. The Lavender and Vanilla scent, which was so overdone years ago, is a softer version scent in this wash.

Dove Cream Oil Body Wash in Ultra Rich* - Dove is really making a dent in the mass market these days, and I will be honest that this was my first try with a Dove bath product. Ultra rich is right on, as this is a thick wash, almost creamy, yet lathers nicely. It has a nice florally scent, nothing too fancy or overdone. For a first timer, I am pretty impressed.

Lancome Body Delisse Immediate Soft Touch Moisturizing Body Wash - After my Lancome facial a few weekends ago, I have a new found love for the Lancome fragranced products. This wash is no exception. It smells divine and is very moisturizing. It makes a smaller lather, but feels very rich as it cleanses my skin. I just noticed that Salicylic Acid is in the ingredient list, and I think this is why my skin feels extra smooth when I use it.

GapBody Body Scrub in Night Fall* - Initially I wondered if this were a product for men, which probably explains why my son grabbed this one up right away. I used it just once, but liked the gentle scrubbing action of the sugar and sea salt. The Night Fall scent is very dark and woodsy, like I said, making me think it is better to stay with my son in his shower.

Avon Skin So Soft Fusions Body Wash* - A winner from Avon, I love the little micro beads in this creamy body wash. I am not overly crazy about the scent, and it definitely lathers less than most, but the way my skin feels after cleansing, definitely makes up for it. I need to investigate to see if this is available in other scents and it might be one of the more permanent residences in the shower.

Caress Exotic Oil Infusions Moroccan Body Wash* - A creamy wash that foams as it lathers, engulfing the shower with a very exotic scent, as in the title. The scent does not stay with me, but the scent it left in the bathroom made my son grab this one up too. Just as well, as I just don't like dark, musky scents in the shower all that much - unless, it is mixed with a floral, that is.

*Thanks to Total Beauty, I got these new washes in my CEW goodie bag! 


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