Bare Escentuals at Target ?!?

Stocking up at Target, I was stunned when I saw an end cap filled with Bare Escentuals. What?

Hey, I love Tarjay for my monthly rounds of shopping for toothpaste, trash bags, laundry needs, etc.. I loved when Target started to carry Boots, a UK line. But Bare Escentuals? I realize that Bare Escentuals is a HUGE selling brand, but don't you think that making it an exclusive brand that is not available at a mass retailer makes it more sought after? Will making it more easily attainable ruin it's sales - or will it make it easier for those millions of women who use it?

The only item available online is the Beyond the Basics Kit, but there were four different kits on the end cap. (If my eight year old was not complaining, I would have stopped to take notes!)


The online price for the kit is $49, the same price that is sells for at QVC. So, being that it is available at a mass retailer is not helping bring the price down.

I am anxious to see how this does at Target. I'd love to know what you think too.


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