New from Bath and Body Works!

I am a huge fan of the Bath and Body Works Anti-Bacterial soaps. Seriously, if you have to keep as clean as can be, the soaps might as well smell pretty, no?

bbw_radiance.jpgWhile I was in B & BW yesterday to stock up on my soaps, I noticed something new that many of you might be interested in. They have added a new product to their most popular scents in their Signature Collection. It is  called Instant Radiance Gradual Tan Body Lotion. Formulated to give you an instant sun-kissed radiance, along with a gradual self tanner built right in, mixed with their most popular scents - beautiful.

In taking a smell of the Japanese Cherry Blossom tube, it smelled just like the original scent. I wonder how well it covers up the starchy dha scent when activated on the skin. I imagine that it does a nice job, as only a few of the gradual self-tanners have a really awful smell (hello - Jergens Natural Glow!).

I struggled with the idea of picking up a tube for myself, but I think I am pretty well stocked up on self-tanners for the season, hopefully. But I did grab a tube for my sister. Hopefully I can get it over to her soon and she will give it a try and report back here or maybe over on The Fragrance Fanatic

Right now I see Instant Radiance Gradual Tan Body Lotion in just 6 scents: Cherry Blossom, Japanese Cherry Blossom, Wild Honeysuckle, Enchanted Orchid, Sea Island Cotton and Sweet Pea. Maybe they are just testing it out to see how well it does. I am wishing for it in a more Summer-y scent like Creamy Coconut or Strawberry Lemonade.

The 6 oz. tube is $14, available at Bath and Body Works stores and online, of course. 

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