NYC Visit to Dashing Diva.

I have been wanting to chronicle my second day in NYC with Glam in one post, but I think it makes more sense to just highlight the different visits. Ironically, this stop at Dashing Diva was my last stop before taking off for the train, but it is one that needs highlighting.

Dashing Diva is not just your average nail salon. It is a social experience mixed in with a salon offering manicure and pedicure services. The atmosphere is inviting and open, with a large pedicure section in which us beauty bloggers were treated to a heavenly pedicure - complete with leg massage.


The salon carries it's own line of polishes, even offering a selection of  "Extra-Virgin" polishes that contain no DBP, toluene or formaldehyde - perfect for the sensitive or pregnant gal.


After my beautiful pedicure, I became intrigued with their Virtual Nail Service, and knew I had to give these nails a try. These nails are revolutionary. They are a full nail that covers from cuticle to tip, almost like acrylics, but they are simply glues on with their special glue. The nails come in a large pack with a huge variety of sizes, making for a perfect fit.

I selected a twist on the French manicure for my nails, and I left with gorgeous natural pearly pink nails, but instead of a white tip, my tips were dipped in silver glitter. I have had so many compliments on these nails since I had them done.  


Virtual nails can be removed by soaking in acetone, but as two of mine actually just sort off popped off yesterday, which was day 12, I decided to try and get them off on my own. So, to get the rest off, I gently lifted the false nail at my cuticle with a cuticle/orange stick, and after the air got to them for a few minutes, I could easily remove the nail from mine. They are in perfect shape, and I actually have enough in my set to do my nails again, but this time on my own. Wish me luck!!!

If you are in NYC or near one of their other locations you have to stop in. There is nothing like it.

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