A Totally Green Sweepstakes with TotalBeauty.com


In celebration of Earth Day, and just about everything Green or going Green these days, TotalBeauty.com is having a sweepstakes to end all sweepstakes. I swear, this is a great one! It is The TotalBeauty.com Totally Green Sweepstakes.

You need to check it out for your chance to win the new 2008 Saturn Vue™ Hybrid - get this - stock full of green and organic beauty products from the beauty brands Origins, Suki, RAW Natural Beauty, and Sephora. They are also having daily giveaways, and you are automatically entered each time you write a beauty product review on TotalBeauty.com. Prizes include more green products from Origins, other great Organic beauty brands and even some beautiful conflict-free diamond jewelry, eco-spa trips and more

Here is what TotalBeauty says you have to "officially" do to enter:

1. Search for your favorite (or not-so-favorite) beauty products on TotalBeauty.com.

2. Write and submit your review and see if you're an instant winner! They are giving away hundreds of fabulous, Earth Day-inspired daily prizes, including conflict-free diamond jewelry, eco-spa trips and more!

3. Also, each time you write a review, you will be entered to win the new 2008 Saturn Vue™ Hybrid, filled with tons of great beauty products from Origins, Suki, Sephora and RAW Natural Beauty.

Easy, right!

What a fabulous idea to promote Earth Day and get everyone forward thinking to a more Green future. Beautiful!


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