Mascara Perfection Projection, with Estee Lauder Projectionist.

lauder_projectionist_mascara.jpgA high definition volume mascara describes Perfectionist Mascara from Estee Lauder the best. This must-try mascara was hidden deep in my bag I got from the CEW Beauty Awards that I attended with Total Beauty, in what seems like ages ago.

It is no wonder that Projectionist is a finalist out of the 600 some products entered. This is a mascara that gives me volume while separating my lashes and keeping them long, all at the same time. I love the bigger spooly brush and how it is tapered at the tip, making application on my lower lashes a cinch. I have found that slowly working the wand up and through my lashes works best, and usually only this one coat is needed. A night time or for extra drama might have may applying another coat or two, depending on how much I want to play up the lashes.

From Estee Lauder: 

VolumAire™ formula creates weightless volume and sharp definition that resists clumping. Hollow spherical polymers act like inflated balloons that volumize and lift.

ProDefinition Brush™ draws out even tiny lashes with infinite precision and separation control. Lets you lavish attention on every single lash, every single day. Blends two kinds of fibers: hollow fibers to hold formula, plus solid rigid fibers to comb it through and separate.

Pearl pigments mimic the luster and color of natural hair for a lustrous, healthy look. " Choose from Brown or Black.

If you are in the market for a new mascara, you really need to try Projectionist. It retails for $19.50 at your favorite Estee Lauder counter, or online at

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