The Kiehl's Flagship Store.

With the Kiehl's Earth Day Initiative and their new products featuring fairly traded moroccan argan oil, I think it is fitting that I wrap up green week with my experience at the Kiehl's flagship store. I was lucky enough to have a private tour of the store and play with some of their products when I was in NYC with Glam earlier in the month.


The store on Third Avenue, between 13th and 14th street has been in existence since 1851. They have expanded the site all the way to the corner, but it is special to experience a part of history in the store, as about half of the store and it's furnishings are original.

kiehls_bottles.jpg"It was 1851 and a small apothecary opened on “Pear Tree Corner” at Thirteenth Street and Third Avenue. The Brunswick Apotheke served the citizens of the burgeoning Lower East Side medicinal herbs, unguents and concoctions mixed to family recipes. After thirty or so years, a gentleman by the name of John Kiehl began working for the owners of the small apothecary, eventually taking over the business and renaming it the John Kiehl Apothecary. Along with his apprentice, Mr. Irving Morse, the two gentlemen pioneered many of the traditions in service and product formulation which characterize Kiehl’s today. "

The store is amazing, and the customer service is unprecedented. Many of it's employees have been working at the store for years, many of them for more than ten years. It is like a family, and they welcome you into their family by making sure you select products that are actually right for you. They have countless testers and samples and are happy to help you in any way.


kiehls_musk.jpgI quickly discovered their Original Musk Oil Eau de Toilette Spray, and it is now my signature scent. I use it daily and the I am constantly being told that I smell so nice. Not "what are you wearing?", as if I have on too much of a scent. Why I did not pick up the shower gel and lotion in the Musk scent is beyond me. I thought it might be too much, but I now know I cannot get enough of it.

The story behind the Kiehl's signature scent is awesome: "In the early 1920’s, a unique fragrant oil was formulated in our humble apothecary – Kiehl’s flagship store, located at Thirteenth Street and Third Avenue in New York’s East Greenwich Village. For reasons unbeknownst us, it was stowed away in the store’s basement in a vat labeled simply “LOVE OIL”. The vessel was discovered in 1958 when the store underwent renovations and in 1963, the essence, renamed “Musk Oil” for its richly sensuous scent, was reintroduced to our patrons. It was an instant success not only as a scent, but as one of the great fragrance trends in the industry."

While at the store, I picked up another one of my favorite products, the Olive Fruit Oil Deeply Repairative Hair Pak. It was one of my favorite finds last Summer, and it is still one today. My hair thanks Kiehl's for this again and again. Some of my other favorite Kiehl's products include Intensive Treatment for Dry or Callused Areas - perfect for both hands and feet; Abyssine Lotion SPF 15 - helps to fight off free radicals and keep my wrinkles at bay, and included the must-have SPF protection; Ultra Facial  Cleanser and Toner, two of my newest favorites that I need to post all about, as the toner is like any other that I have used before; and their newest Superbly Restorative Products infused with the fairly traded argan oil.

The  visit was amazing and I cannot thank Kiehl's enough for hosting us that rainy morning. It was an experience, and one you must partake in when in NYC. You will thank me and your hair and skin will thank Kiehl's for getting to know them better too.

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