Summer Time!

It is finally (unofficially) Summer. Summer is probably my favorite season, except for when it gets above 85 degrees. But I love the sunshine and spending so much time outside - with friends and family at the beach and at the pool, eating out - and just feeling overall better.

Just as our clothes allow for the heat, we must change the products and type of products as well as our colors to adjust for the warmer weather too.


My entire beauty routine changes up for the Summer. My moisturizers are lighter, sunscreen is applied in higher dosages, faux tanning is an almost everyday necessity, and not just my makeup colors change, but the amount and type of makeup I wear changes for sure.

With this unofficial start of Summer, stay tuned for my new product recommendations and reviews for the warmer months. 

Does your beauty routine change up during the warmer months? What do you differently?

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