Currently Obsessed...

graphic_currently_obsessed.jpgHere are just a few of my most current obsessions. Like a school girl and her latest crush, my obsessions change on a weekly (sometimes more, sometimes less) basis.

As I have had little time for makeup or much anything else, I am obsessing more with skin care, sun care, and hair care at the moment.

Cutler Specialist Fly-Away Control Stick -  This is an actual stick, somewhat like a deodorant tube, that I gently glide over my frizziest hairs. It sureolay_thermal_pedicure.jpg comes in handy when the humidity strikes. I wish they made a tiny tube in chapstick size to throw in my handbag.

Olay Body Thermal Pedicure Foot Treatment - This rough treatment lotion heats as it massages the skin to instantly relax the feet. This is divine and I swear I am becoming addicted to using it, as I have been rubbing my feet with it at the end of most days. For around $8, this is an everyday treat with the tube lasting almost a month.

arbonne_wrinkle_filler.jpg Arbonne NutriMinC® RE9® REtaliate Wrinkle Filler - This wrinkle filler not only seems to "spackle" in the lines (ahem, wrinkles), it seems to almost soften and relax them. It is perfect used alone, which a lot of the fillers cannot be, or used both under or over makeup. The click-pen is great and definitely comes in handy making for on the go touch-ups easy.

Clinique Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss in Hazelnut - This soothing balm, that looks like a gloss squeezes out of a tube to cover lips on their own or over lipstick. Currently, I am obsessed with this Superbalm on it's own as it gives off the most delicate champagne shimmer to my lips. Hazelnut is a new shade out for Summer, and this one will be spending a lot of time on my lips.

Xen-Tan Deep Bronze Sunless Tanning Lotion - For an almost instant tan that lasts the better part of a week, I think I will continue to be obsessed with this self-tanner for most of the Summer. I only use this lotion on my legs as I am too much of a faux-tan control freak on the other parts of my body, but the color payoff is awesome with just one application that really lasts a week.

What are your current beauty product obsessions? 

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