I Think I Found It - The Ultimate Tinted Moisturizer from CHANEL.

I have been obsessed with finding a new tinted moisturizer for this Summer. Not that I am totally un-happy with DuWop Revolotion Face (my tinted moisturizer fave for last year), it is just that it is almost sometimes too thick.

After trying a few new ones already this year, I think I can officially claim my favorite as this: CHANEL HYDRAMAX + ACTIVE TEINTÉ Active Moisture Tinted Lotion SPF 15.


I love the light, non-greasy formula. This product is easily applied with my fingertips or a sponge for a bit blending - making it a fast alternative to foundation. It also delivers the right amount of hydration for my dry skin, with sun protection and the perfect of coverage to give my complexion a finished glow. Just the perfect blend of everything.

With my faux-tan, Sand is my perfect shade. Shade is the medium shade with two others shades, Bronzelit and Sunlit available as well. $55 seems to be a bit much, but thinking of it as not just a makeup product and a CHANEL Precision Skincare moisturizer where no other daytime moisturizer is needed, then it is very well worth it.

Active Moisture Tinted Lotion is available at specialty stores and CHANEL.com.

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