Some Extreme Style with VO5.

Have you seen the updated versions of VO5 yet? Their newest products are housed in sleek red packaging - very cool. 

I have always thought of VO5 as an older brand, especially when using their hot oil treatments way back when. But the look is updated now, so it is a bit extreme to those who remember them from so long ago.

One of their stand-out products for me has been the VO5 Extreme Style Hairspray, MAX HOLD. This baby holds your hair in place for a long time. It is perfect for extreme styles or a style that needs to stay in place. You can lift your roots and spray where needed or slick back what you need to, and this fast drying spray will keep your locks "locked in" place. It does this all without being sticky, which is a great feature as well.


Make sure you look for the new VO5 Extreme Style line of products at your local drugstore or mass merchandiser's.  I think you will be pleasantly surprised at nt only the cool new packaging, but by the range of products available too.

VO5 has also launched a fun little game widget called The Ultimate Flirting Championship. So click on the game below to have a few minutes of fun. I know you want to! ;) 

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