EYES BY DESIGN debuted on HSN last night, but it will have three shows on today as well. Eyes by Design goes a step beyond its luxurious treatment and color products by providing step-by-step guidance on how to play up your best feature and become your own eye expert.


The entire collection is designed to address cosmetic concerns unique to the eyes. By narrowing the collection to only the essential luxurious products, Eyes by Design effectively takes the guesswork out of every step from selection to application. The unique multi-purpose treatment products target the biggest eye concerns and are developed to deliver both immediate concealing benefits and long-term proven results. The color selection is comprised of a limited number of complementary shades and formulas bringing ease and convenience to knowing which products to purchase. Eyes by Design takes the application process a step further by offering detailed, yet simplified professional guidance on how to apply individual looks complementing specific eye colors. Referencing the classic principles of color application used by top professionals, Eyes by Design takes into consideration eye color, shape and personal style to give women mistake-proof tools and tips that make it easy to look good.

The makeup products include luxe color items and specially-designed brushes with a unique grip feature for better control. The signature product anchoring the color offerings is the Transforming Eye Palette , retailing for $29.95. There are four eye palettes, each with four shade selections designed around the different eye colors; blue, green, hazel and brown. Eyes by Design takes the guesswork out of narrowing the hundreds of shades available by selecting four that perfectly complement each eye color.

Also unique to Eyes by Design is a convenient, step-by-step guide that accompanies each Transforming Eye Palette , providing techniques and maps of the eye area to ensure proper application. Women can be confident that shade selection and application techniques will work harmoniously together to bring out the natural beauty of their eyes and enhance their eye colors.

Let me know if you watch and what you think. Of course, if you pick up anything, do share! 

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