I am in amazement over CoverGirl WetSlicks AmazeMint Lip Gloss. These gorgeous glosses not only leave your lips full of gorgeous color and pure diamond shine, you are instantly freshened as these glosses include Peppermint Oil from Crest. Amazing, right?


When applying, you feel the instant cooling sensation. And while it is not a full on overbearing peppermint smell, it is scented to make you smell like your just brushed your teeth. It tastes amazing too.

There are 13 colors in the collection, with three of them blue-based to even make your teeth look whiter. So if you are looking for that added bonus, make sure you check for the shades Plum Crazy, Un-Wined, and Toast-ed. The rest of the colors are: Pink Positive, Everything's Rosy (the perfect Summer pink and my pick of the collection), Tickled Pink, Sillylily, Red Riot, No Care Bare, Freedom of Peach, Slaphappy, Merry Berry (if you are looking for the perfect berry colored lippie, try this one) and Happy Hour.

Fresh breath - white teeth - glossy lips! Good enough for me! Pick them up at the drugstore for $4.99 now to see how much you love them.  

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