Cool, Soothe and Rehydrate Skin with Liz Earle Sun Shade.

After a wonderful day at the beach this week, I was left with a bit of a burn on the back of my shoulders and neck. I thought I was protected, but I think the salt water quickly washed away my sunscreen where I needed it most (the waves were HUGE!).

That night, I looked quickly to see what I had to help soothe my burn that was heating up - and fast.  I grabbed Sun Shade Botanical Aftersun Gel from Liz Earle and her Naturally Active Skincare line.


When you see the name Sun shade, I am sure you think of a sunblock, right? Well, in this case Sun Shade is actually a product to bring your skin the shade with it's cooling botanical ingredients - to help skin cool down after a bit of too much sun.

This gel not only cools and calms the heat, as it melts over the skin, it is absorbed. You are never left with sticky or greasy residue. Made with organic aloe vera, cucumber, lavender and natural Vitamin E, featuring a cool menthol scent, I only needed one application to help soothe my skin - so I could sleep free of sunburn pain.