Nailtiques Home Mani Tips.

If you are one who is sacrificing a bit on your beauty routine, and now do your own at-home manicures, the nail care experts at Nailtiques has shared with me some fabulous home mani tips.


First thing is first - be prepared. There’s nothing like digging through your bathroom drawers to ruin your manicure.  Make sure all your tools are lined up before you begin and be sure to protect your workspace from any spills with towels. You will also need the essentials ready: 100% cotton balls, nail polish remover, nail files, cuticle pusher, paper towels, one small bowl of warm water, and most importantly - good lighting.

On to the tips- 

Go Bare:
Use 100% cotton balls and acetone-free nail polish remover to slip back into your natural shade.  Synthetic cotton balls and wadded-up toilet paper need not apply.  Quality cotton balls will remove your polish more efficiently.  Nailtiques® Non-Acetone Remover has aloe and conditioners to help prevent dry, brittle nails and cuticles.  For the best results, soak the cotton ball with remover, then gently remove all layers of color or treatment with a gentle back and forth motion.


Soften Up:
Nailtiques® Cuticle & Hand Conditioner to each nail before soaking in warm water.  For extra moisture, add a few drops of Nailtiques® Oil Therapy to the warm water.  Take time to dip one end of the stick in water, then wrap the end with cotton.  Relax and breathe deeply while your nails soak.  After five minutes, gently push back your cuticles using the cotton-wrapped cuticle stick. 

Rank and File:
Nailtiques® Two- Sided Cushioned Sponge Files.  The green side gently shapes nails, while the pink side buffs away stains and ridges.  Always file in one direction; and never in a back and forth motion. Tip: When buffing, pair with Nailtiques® Oil Therapy to add extra shine.


Get Polished:
Before you start painting, you’ll need a blank canvas.  Make sure your nails are free from excess oils and creams to ensure that your polish stays put.  Apply Nailtiques® Nail Protein, the perfect primer for your polish.  You don’t have to be Picasso to turn your nails into a masterpiece.  Don’t over-apply.  Three strokes is all it takes!  One in the middle and one on each side ensures a perfect application.  Polish that is too thick is likely to smudge when wet, or peel, once dry.  Not one for color?  Apply two coats of Nailtiques® Nail Protein instead of polish to keep your nails healthy, flexible and strong.  Three formulas are available to improve any nail type – from dry and brittle to weak and peeling. 

Extra Credit:
Maintenance is a must for making your manicures last, so nourish and protect them!  Massage in Nailtiques® Oil Therapy, Cuticle & Hand Conditioner or Cuticle & Skin Gel to keep nails and cuticles moisturized and to stimulate nail growth.  This simple step can be done right at your desk or when you’re on the phone with a girlfriend.  Moisturize nails daily.  Every three days or so, apply a fresh layer of Nailtiques® Nail Protein to keep your manicure looking fresh and fabulous.