The Colossal Volum' Express from Maybelline.

My sister was over just as I was delivered this newbie from Maybelline, so I let her do another guest post-

Wearing mascara is a must for me!  I have been blessed to have been given long lashes, but if they are not curled and have mascara on them, they pretty much stick straight out and my eyes look tiny! With that said, when I first I tried this new mascara from Maybelline called Colossal Volum' Express, I flipped and jumped with joy in my bathroom! 


This mascara makes my lashes look voluminous without drying or caking- with just one single coat of the mascara. And more importantly my lashes now have the much needed volume to make my eyes pop.  It lasted through the day and didn't smudge or streak. Taking it off was a breeze with normal cleanser too.

The secret of this magic wand lies in it's oversized brush and unique, thickening formula with collagen. The patented brush provides ample surface area to connect with each lash while the smaller bristles seek out even the smaller lashes, you know the ones in the inner and outer corners.  The unique formula’s fine wax is what helps to prevent the clumps while collagen and moisturizing jojoba oil provide a quick, generous effect on the lashes. 

Instant volume, instant wow! And the fact that Colossal Volum' Express can be picked up at the drugstore is another win-win situation, no? And for $7.47 it is a must-have mascara eye popper.