Do I Look Like a Beauty Expert?

Do I look like a beauty expert? Do I have a sign on my back that says "Beauty Blogger"? Or could it be that I just look like I know what I am doing?

The funniest thing happened to me over the weekend at CVS. I was scanning the latest anti-aging products and searching for something with Hydroquinone (did they take this off the market? I cannot locate a fade cream with it in the drugstore price range) along with two other women. We hear a man getting obviously frustrated making a lot of noises n the next aisle over, which was the makeup aisle. He then nervously approached me to ask if I could help him find something. I almost asked him to go to the front to get help, but for some reason I think he knew I could help him - and I think I wanted too (yeah - a young cutie!).

This young man had cut himself shaving on his nose - didn't know you were supposed to shave your nose - and had a little red mark that he wanted to help heal and cover.He obviously had somewhere pretty important to go, or someone pretty special to see.

I told him we needed to look for a concealer, and an inexpensive one as he would only need it for a few days. He thought that maybe he should get some kind of pencil, which I thought was odd, but he thought he could cover it and make it look like a freckle. I tried not to chuckle, this man wanted help. Real help. So, I again told him that a concealer is what he needed. 

After looking through various types of concealer, I thought I should dig a little deeper to find one that might not irritate the cut, while covering it at the same time. My choice was Maybelline's Mineral Power Natural Perfecting Concealer.

Not only did it look like this concealer would do the trick, I thought that the power of the minerals might help heal his tiny cut. At least the minerals could not hurt it.

He wanted to go with the lightest color, but I told him that if it were too light than it would definitely accent the cut and call attention to it. He said I was the expert (ha, ha) so I choose the shade called Cream, which looked to match his skin tone. I then told him to not just apply the makeup with the wand, but to dab a bit of it from the wand on the back of his hand to warm it up and then dot it on his nose with his finger. He repeated what I had stated and felt pretty confident. 

Luckily, he didn't ask me to help him apply it. But I think he was confident enough and I hope it covered properly for him.

When I went back to the skin care aisle, both of the other women in the aisle stopped and had a bit of a chuckle with me. I then told them what I did for a living, and they both said that I should have told the man so he would feel extra confident, as he was getting help from someone in the know.

Do you have funny beauty story to share? If you do, please share it in the comments. You never know when something that is really funny, that makes me laugh out loud, gets rewarded! Yes, a little beauty swag could be in order.