The Sally Hansen Lip Lab.

Need a lip script?

Even our lips need a bit of help now and then, and Sally Hansen has come to the rescue with a new line of products in their lip lab. Not only are there products designed to treat certain conditions, there are lipglosses, lipglosses and more lipglosses! Really - there can never be too many lippies to love, right?

You Have: Sensitive lips that could use a boost.
You Want: A plumper, pillowy pout.
Rx: Gentle Plumping Lip Treatment ($8.95)
What It Is: Gain without the pain.
What It Does:  Gently plumps lips with a cushion of soothing moisture.
How It Does It: Cushiony gel gloss adds volume to lips without feeling heavy; time-released Hydrospheres hold moisture to gently plump lips; Peptide Complex is known to support collagen formation; radiant, sheer gloss adds dimension and high shine to lips.
Available Shades: Tickle, Tease, Playful, Happy, Tender, Serene

You Have: Dull, rough, lips.
You Want: Smooth, shimmering shine
Rx: Lipnotic Gem Gloss ($6.95)
What It Is: Multi-dimensional gleaming shine for lips.
What It Does: Provides lips a multi-dimensional, gem-blend, semi-precious shine.
How It Does It: Exclusive gel formula creates a smooth, glassy finish on lips; a botanical, sunflower seed oil, minerals and vitamins nourish, hydrate and soften; gel formula provides luxurious comfort.
Available Shades: Precious, Treasure, Bejeweled, Bling Bling, Rich, Embellished, Lavish, Sumptuous, Sparking, Glitz

You Have: Dry, dull lips.
You Want: Sensually sensational lips.
Rx: Satin Effects Lip Gloss ($6.95)
What It Is: Like satin lingerie for lips.
What It Does: Pure liquid satin color envelops lips for luminous shine and seductive color.
How It Does It: Exclusive Hydrolyzed Silk formula creates both the look and feel of satin lips; Rose and Orchid extracts comfort and moisturize; cool, fresh formula leaves lips feeling recharged. 
Available Shades: Glamorous, Romantic, Pleasure, Delightful, Tempting, Seduction, Intrigue, Attraction, Sexy, Sensual

In beautiful colors and different formulations, if you are just looking for a pretty lip, you are covered. But if your lips need some help for specific conditions, Sally Hansen will find you the perfect combination of products with a lip script. Combining  treatment products and or a lipgloss, you lips will be healthy and pretty.

You Have: Dry, lined lips that make you look older.
You Want: Smooth, youthful-looking lips.
Rx: Line Fix Lip Repair ($9.95)
What It Is: All-day super hydration for mature lips.
What It Does: Instantly fills in fine lip lines as it smoothes and hydrates.
How It Does It: Breakthrough complex of Marine Collagen and Sodium Hyaluronate delivers smoother, softer lips; helps create a barrier on lips that prevents moisture loss and minimizes the appearance of fine lines; fast-absorbing, hydrating formula repairs and renews dry, lined lips and surrounding skin.

You Have: Rough, dehydrated lips and color that won’t stay put.
You Want: Beautiful lips and lasting color.
Rx: Prep & Perfect Lipcare ($9.95)
What It Is: The ultimate base coat for lips.
What It Does: Locks on lip color and helps prevent color from feathering, bleeding and fading.
How It Does It: Botanical Moisture Seal conditions lips, infusing them with moisture; Color Hold Matrix creates a protective canvas to retain lip color and erase flaws; innovative formula smoothes, moisturizes and conditions lips.
  You Have: Thin, pale lips that need help.
You Want: Full, luscious lips and natural color.
Rx: Lip Blush Plumping Lip Balm ($9.95)
What It Is: Custom color for every lip tone.
What It Does: Transforms from clear to a sheer pink shade via the Custom Color Complex.
How It Does It: Peptides and Marine filling Spheres enhance the plumping effect while natural antioxidants; helps condition dry, thin lips to reveal a baby-soft, full pout; brilliant balm boosts volume and maximizes natural lip color.

You Have: Damaged lips that need emergency care.
You Want: Healthy, beautiful lips, fast.
Rx: Overnight Lip Recovery ($9.95)
What It Is: All-night intensive lip treatment.
What It Does: Repairs and retexturizes dry, damaged lips as you sleep. 
How It Does It: Oligopeptides, vitamins and Yuca help rejuvenate dry, peeling lips by infusing them with vital moisture; creates a weightless barrier to combat nighttime water loss. 

You Have: Lips that lack definition and volume. 
You Want: Lips that get noticed. 
Rx: PM Lip Plumper ($9.95)
What It Is: Fuller, plumper, shapelier-looking lips overnight.
What It Does: Smoothes and plumps lips as you sleep for 24 hour luscious lips.
How It Does It: Collagen-enhancing Peptide complex delivers full plumping benefits as you sleep; 24 hour Released Retinol boosts moisture and smoothes the lips’ surface night and day; micro-sponges help trap moisture in lips for a plumper, fuller, more voluptuous appearance. 

Condition solved! Check out the Sally Hansen Lip Lab at your favorite drugstore for these great products - very affordable too!