Multi-tasking Makeup from Three Custom Color Specialists.

Anything that can help cut down my morning makeup routine is a huge help. I am always looking for products that can pull double-duty. And some of these great products from Three Custom Color Specialists perform triple-duty.

Copper Eye Shadow ($19.50 single, $15 refill)
This sultry, shimmering shadow gives a warm, sunny glow wherever it’s applied. Do you have blue or green eyes? Copper will brighten them and make them sparkle! You can even use Copper Eye Shadow on the lips with a clear lip gloss or all over the face as a shimmering bronzer.


Brow Powders
These finely-milled brow powders are available in 6 different shades. In addition to enhancing and filling in the eyebrows, they can also be used as a matte eye shadow for a rich, smokey look or as a cake eye liner.


Beige Crème to Powder Blush
A lovely blush in it’s own right (the perfect blush for redheads and the ideal nude for fair-medium skin tones), but Beige Crème to Powder Blush can be used on the lips with a top layer of Crystal Clear Lip Gloss. Or, use it alone on the lips for a soft, powdery lip veil.


Clarifier Pencils
Used on the inner rim for the eye, this pencil widens, brightens and erases glassiness. You can also wear Dark Clarifier under the brow to define and highlight the arch.  The Clarifiers also make great spot concealers and lip color correctors too.






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