Get it While You Can: Hard Candy Bling Bling.

I picked these up at Sephora for my daughter and I have one thing to say: COOL!

Bling Bling from Hard Candy is obviously on a clear out at Sephora as each pot is being sold for just $8 - half off of their original price. Look at how totally cute and handy this beauty is. 

You see these little these stacking pots each contain not only a glitter - pure glitter for the ultimate sparkle, but two specially formulated "magnetic" bases. Each pot has a nude color so all you see is the glitter color when applied, and a black shade, to create a gorgeous glittery smoky eye look. These bases work. Apply the base and softly pat on the glitter with your finger - voila. Beautiful. And COOL!

Select from Amethyst, Canary - so love this one, Diamond - my daughters fave, Emerald and Ruby. Get them while they last.