Lovin' on L'Oreal Vive Pro.

I am finicky when it comes to hair care. Sure, I find some great products now and then, and while I certainly love the more expensive salon and higher end brands, my budget does not always allow for this splurge. I am constantly searching for great shampoos and conditioners at the drugstore, and I am happy to report I have found a line I am totally lovin' on. This is Vive Pro from L'Oreal.

In a selection of products made for specific hair needs, there is surely one for you.

Hydra Gloss - Hair is deeply conditioned with essential nutrients and shines with a high gloss finish. Hydra Gloss with Omega-Moisture Complex containing Omega 3 & 6, Royal Jelly and Olive Oil, adds advanced moisturizers and essential nutrients to condition hair.

Nutri Gloss - Helps curls shine brilliantly as strands are conditioned and smoothened to reflect light from root to tip. Nutri Gloss with a New Pearl Protein Complex infuses curls with a mirror shine and a soft cashmere touch:

Color Vive - This new and improved formulation of Color VIVE uses breakthrough anti-oxidant technology and 2 UV filters to seal in the vibrancy of your color-treated hair longer and protect it from fading.  The specially designed formula deeply moisturizes every strand and gently cleanses without stripping, fading or dulling color.  Keeps color truer, longer.

Glossy Volume - Fine, limp hair is injected with airy volume, body and glossy shine without weighing down hair. Glossy Volume with Weightless Plumping Complex adds airy volume and glossy shine.

Smooth Intense - Smooth Intense for Dry, Frizzy, or Rebellious Hair with Medium Texture smoothes the hair shaft for silky, sleek hair that is nourished and easier to manage.

I am pretty addicted to both the Nutri Gloss and Color Vive. I am not only using both the shampoo and conditioner, but my hair has been enjoying the Conditioning Treatment. I love to leave this on overnight, at least once a week, for the ultimate benefit. Love!