Givenchy Black for Light Mask Light Enhancing Black Mask.

Wow! Say that name more than twice and still see if you can figure out what it is you are saying. All I know, is that the namew may be a bit mumbly-jumbly, but this product is something I need - STAT!

Black For Light Mask Light Enhancing Black Mask by Givenchy might just be the answer to my obsessions. I am currently obsessed with masks. I have been trying a new one a few times a week. My skin is so dull and tight and just plain ole' tired looking from the effects of the Sun and the self-tanning I have been putting it through for the past five or so months.  I love the way a mask feels and I am looking for even looking skin. I simply cannot take the brown dry splotches anymore.

This mask is full of antioxidants designed to refresh and refine the skin. Here is the description from Sephora (where it is sold only online):

"Givenchy Black For Light Enhancing Mask is a unique mask with a black, velvety foam texture and luminous particles that purify the skin. Illuminated by a photoluminescent active ingredient, unified by an exclusive cocktail of Vitamins A, B, and C, and revitalized with the free radical fighting blackberry elder extract, after use the complexion becomes amazingly brightened and bursts with freshness and vitality.

Each set contains nine 0.30 oz ampoules and an applicator brush. A Givenchy innovation, the Black for Light collection is a new generation of skincare created to lighten and brighten your complexion for flawless skin. The skin radiates a new glow, as if illuminated from within."

So, it is $80, which seems like a lot, especially the way I have been zipping through masks these days. But at less than $9 per mask, the deal doesn't seem so bad. I am hoping this beauty is the answer to both of my obsessions. I will be sure to report back!