Shine on the Inside, Not on the Outside.

Philosophy's newest Summer essentials: Never Let Them See You Shine. These three beauties give you a long-lasting clean, so you can hide the shine on your face and focus on what really makes you shine... being you!

Never Let Them See You Shine products moisturize and soothe skin while absorbing and controlling oil every step of the way. They are ideal for anyone with oily, sensitive, blemish-prone skin who wants to get unsightly shine under control.

The products in the line-up:

Never Let Them See You Shine Oil and Shine Control Cleanser ($20) - Start off with the cleanser that leaves your face feeling super-squeaky clean. This cleanser dissolves dirt and oil deep down into pores to provide long-lasting oil and shine control - without ever over drying your skin.

Never Let Them See You Shine Oil and Shine Control Scrub ($20) - To sweep away dead skin cells to leave your skin clean, smooth, refreshed and most importantly oil-free. Use this scrub in conjunction with the cleanser for the ultimate control or on it's own if it control your shine enough for you.

Never Let Them See You Shine Oil and Shine Control Velvet Touch Primer ($20) - The ultimate and must-have product to control and absorb excess oil. This primer also minimizes the appearance of pores to act as a smooth and velvety base. Makeup glides on flawlessly.

This collection of fine products that are a must in your Summer stash are available at, Sephora,, Nordstrom and other specialty stores.