The Mascara Madness - Will it End?

Maybe I am old, or old fashioned. Or maybe I am pretty good at applying my mascara, because I am not so sure about all of these new mascara's.

The madness began when companies started making giant wands and huge brushes, a la Benefit's BADgal and the newer CoverGirl's LashBlast. Then there are the rubber-like brushes, a la Lancôme’s High Définicils, and again Lash Blast combines this type of bristle with it's large wand. Needless to say that these are my favorites of the many mascara's that have veered away from the norm. Then there is now. Now we have an even weirder looking brush in the shape of a ball and some rotating and vibrating wands.

While I am tempted to try these, you know I am a sucker for anything beauty related; I honestly don't know if any of these mascara's would become a staple in my makeup bag.

I have SpinLash and it is not a favorite of mine. The brush spins very slowly aiding mascara application. I can see it being a help to those gals that are not only mascara challenged, it can force a curl at the base of the lashes for those that need it. I was very excited to hear of Estee Lauder's TurboLash (sold out) and Lancôme’s Ôscillation (sold out in the exclusive preview). Alas, the more I read about them and study them - I am afraid I could really poke my eye out with one of these vibrational wands. Then there is one that looks almost like a torture device, Givency's Phenomen'Eyes. I don't know how this one could evenly coat my lashes.

Mascara application takes a very steady and precise hand. It could be considered an art form (applying false lashes certainly is!). I do not need my fingers slipping or running a muck. I certainly do not need a mascara brush in my eye, let alone rotating or vibrating at unheard of speeds.

I must admit that besides SpinLash, I have not held any of these other newbies, so call me judgemental. Simply put, I don't need eye damage and I can see it going wrong - very wrong, at some time or another.

Madness - I swear! Will it end? And where will it go from here? Let me know your thoughts in the comments. I am anxious to hear if you have tried any of these, if you love them, or are a bit of a skeptic or afraid as I.