A Visit with The Lauder Family of Estee Lauder.

Imagine the honor to meet the Executives of the Estee Lauder companies last week. I met so many wonderfully brilliant people amongst Mr. Leonard Lauder - Chairman of the Board, Mr. William Lauder - CEO,  as well as makeup artist icon, Bobbi Brown.

The evening was exciting and I could have not been more thrilled to be there to kick of an awareness campaign for breast cancer that coincides with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. As October is breast cancer awareness month, we will be going pink and highlighting all of the wonderful products that are being sold to benefit both campaigns.

Here are a few of the pictures I snapped from Estee Lauder's office on the 44th floor on Fifth Avenue, which has been kept exactly as it was when Ms. Lauder left us.

The last picture is a treasured item that is a "crystal ball" that was given to Estee Lauder from Saks Fifth Avenue in 1997. You see, Ms. Lauder could see her future. In 1947, Estee Lauder brought a bottle of her treasured perfume Youth Dew to the executives at Saks Fifth Avenue. She wanted her creation to be sold in the famous store. She was turned away saying that her company was too small and unrecognized. Thinking only as Ms. Lauder did, as she was about to leave the Saks Fifth Avenue building, a large bottle of Youth Dew was "accidentally" dropped by the main doors. After numerous inquiries from shoppers as to what the wonderful smell in the air was, Saks promptly called Estee Lauder back to the store and took on the Youth Dew fragrance the next day. Since that day in 1947, every new perfume in the Estee Lauder brand has launched exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue.

The evening was a dream and I cannot thank the Estee Lauder executives enough for their warm hospitality where they really wanted to get into the brains of the beauty blogging community.

Stay tuned for the BCA campaign.