Philosophy Coconut Frosting Salt Scrub.

While browsing through Sephora like I seem to do too often these days, I came upon this great big jar that I need to get my hands on and stat. This jar is from none other than Philosophy and is a salt scrub called Coconut Frosting. Can you imagine how great this must smell? Emm, emm good!

I love the salt scrubs from Philosophy on a whole, so there is no reason that I wouldn't like this, especially as it is created in one of my all time favorite scents, Coconut. The oils that are blended with the salt are generously moisturizing while the larger than most salt grains do their job at buffing and polishing skin to it's healthiest. I need this so badly right now as my real tan that is underneath my sloughing away faux-tan needs some major help. Major!

$25 at or is all this wonder will cost ya.