American Beauty Luminous Liquid All Over Face Glow.

As the sunny glow sets away from my face, I am finding myself needing a bit of extra glow these days. And while I am still loving my tinted moisturizers for the Summer to Fall transition, a powder highlighter is not what I had in mind. Enter Luminous Liquid All Over Face Glow from American Beauty.

Surely, you have seen the beautiful American Beauty line of cosmetics at Kohls. But have you really seen the beautiful line up of products they have there? My first foray into the brand is with this All Over Face Glow, and I don't think I could have made a better choice.

This wonderful light liquid highlighter can be used in a few different ways. For a soft all over glow, mix a bit of this with your regular moisturizer, or your tinted one for a bit of more warm color. It can also be dabbed onto spots, like cheeks and brow bones to spot highlight and lighten up. There are three shades to choose from: Copper Glow, Gold Glow and Pink Glow. Gold Glow is working wonderfully with my fading color, and I am sure i will put Pink Glow to good use when the Winter months are upon us.

Like I said, Luminous Liquid is available at Kohls or online at for $15.