Meet the future of Rock: Rock & Republic Cosmetics.

How cool is this? The much sought after premium lifestyle brand is launching a collection of cosmetics that are undeniably worth lusting after. This is Rock & Republic Cosmetics.

Sensual shades and luxurious textures are just the beginning. Look at the ultimate in luxury with the packaging. With such fine details like glistening silver compacts, black patent leather and Swarovski crystals, this line is definitely luxe. And if that doesn't get ya, how about the price of that pretty bronzer - $225! I think we are paying for the compact and not so much the makeup - eh?

Launching September 15th, Rock & Republic Cosmetics is a full collection with 116-pieces initially. You can see the snazzy (and awesome tuned) site now at before it is available for purchase there and at Nordstrom’s, Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdale’s.