Suki Pure Skin Care.

After writing for so long on Pretty by Nature, the natural beauty blog, it takes a lot for a natural and pure beauty company to really stand out to me. Suki, definitely stands out.

Not only is Suki a company made practically in my backyard, (they are based less than 20 miles from my house!) the products are stand outs for a number of reasons. See why I am loving the philosophy of Suki so much:

about suki®
our vision at suki® started in the kitchen but with new advanced technology, it has allowed us to create the suki® organic innovation lab™. 100% pure organic bases integrate cutting edge science to visibly improve the overall appearance of your skin. our handmade formulas are blended in small batches & shipped fresh to you within a month of pouring to ensure integrity of the formulation. our commitment to responsible clean manufacturing practices extends to ingredients, packaging & shipping choices with a positive impact on the environment

know your beauty®
means accepting, nurturing & expressing our authentic selves. it means acknowledging that we are beautiful because of our individuality. suki is a life-affirming & self-affirming program. our formulas support vitality, strength & good health. we strive to define beauty for ourselves on our own terms & work toward an ongoing acceptance of ourselves as we evolve. know your beauty also means having honest & complete information. suki® encourages us all to be savvy, discerning, analytical & prepared. armed with the truth, we can trust our decisions in knowing what we consume, both inside & out.

The products smell so wonderfully of lemon, which is incorporated into most of the formulas. The fresh, crisp smell is awakening not only to the skin, but to the mind. There is an entire selection of products that can be tailored to your skin care concerns and needs.

My favorite products from the line are the Lip Repair Butter and the Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser.

The Lip Repair Butter is made with 100% natural beeswax 7 natural non-gmo Vitamin E, organic Jojoba and Sunflower oils, as well as Calendula and Chamomile extracts. The aroma and taste is generated by pure premium steam distilled essential oil. This long and painstaking process is used to ensure the best quality.



The Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser is like no other you have used before, I promise you that. Made with olive oil and natural sugar with a host of other natural, good for your skin, vegan ingredients, a very small dime sized amount is all you need. To use this, you simply rub the mixture between your fingers and over your face. Soon the mixture will start to gently foam as it ever so gently exfoliates and removes dirt, oils, makeup, and anything else the environment has let into the pores. This cleanser is unique can be appreciated by any skin type.


Suki is carried in New York City at Henri Bendel as well as most Whole Food Markets. It can also be ordered online through the Suki Pure website.