A Quick Boost of Oxygen to Your Skin!

Based on the Bliss Spa’s famous Triple Oxygen Treatment Facial, this easy do it yourself treatment brings a quick boost of oxygen to your skin at home.


Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask is a really unique mini-mask that I am totally in love with. This treatment is designed to brighten up dull and tired looking skin. While I haven’t noticed it making that much of a difference in how my skin looks, this energizing mask certainly makes my dull and tired feeling skin feel more vibrant and awake.

To use, I dampen my face with wet fingers, squeeze out three or four pumps of this citrus-y smelling, creamy gel. You will start to feel the gel quickly start to foam up and tingle - almost tickle. In a good way, I must add. It feels so refreshing. I leave the mask on for a total of five minutes, then rinse. It is simple to use and it’s a great, quick and efficient pick-me up for the skin.

Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask is available at sephora, sephora.com and blissworld.com for $52.