Ole Henriksen Mini Peel.

I was more than excited to try this three step peel as I read about it in a few magazines and saw it talked up on a recent Ole appearance over on HSN. The Ole Henriksen Micro/Mini Peel System lived up to the hype - and then some.

The kit contains three products plus measuring spoon and sponges to get the job done in three steps - Polish, Strip and Comfort.

You start by measuring out the Almond Polish and gently apply and rub over the face and neck. It is abrasive, so if you do not like the feeling of an abrasive scrub on your face, then this is not for you. It smells divine and feels a bit rough as it sloughs away skin. My skin burned just a bit as I came close to circling it over my skin for about two minutes, and my face was red when I removed it with water. I could already see a difference though, and went onto the peel.

The peel portion is called the Lemon Strip. Again, I used the spoon to scoop out this gel and applied over my face. It is thick and had a very fresh scent. It didn’t burn at all, which surprised me as it contains orange and lemon extracts along with lactic, glycolic and aspartic acid. I left it on for about three minutes and moved onto the final step.

For the last step, you leave on the Lemon Strip and then apply the Chamomile Comfort to make a mask. Scooping out the perfect amount with the spoon, I applied this very thick cream, which felt a bit clay based but with more of a mud mask feeling. I don’t know why this happened now, but my face really started to burn. Not too uncomfortable, but it did get very warm and more than tingly. I actually sat in front of a fan for a few minutes until it started to cool down. I honesty don’t know if this is supposed to happen at this point because I thought that the Chamomile was the soothing part of the treatment. Either way, it cooled down within the first five minutes as it began to tighten and dry for about thirty minutes.

Removing took a bit of effort but was easy nonetheless. A natural sponge is included (looks like paper, forms into a sponge when wet) to help remove. I had to rinse the sponge a lot to remove all of the mask. As I did remove it though, I could not believe my skin. It looked so even and refreshed and seriously - 100% better after the treatment. I waited a few hours before I did my night cream as my skin felt so smooth and moisturized.

This Micro/Mini Peel System is definitely making it’s way into my regular routine, as I plan to use it once a week. This kit costs $95, is available at sephora.com and on the Ole website as well. I would guess that there is enough in this kit to use a good 8 - 10 times.