Inside The Tents at Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week.

It is just two short days before the tent at Bryant Park is open. What tent? Well, the tents - a series of them actually, that makeup the main venue for Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week #NYFW. I am excited as I will be in New York, inside the tents, going to events, hanging with Glam and Total Beauty people and some of my other favorite beauty bloggers. I am so excited!

I will not inundate you with only Fashion Week posts all next week, but I will bring you some of what I feel are the stand-out trends in makeup for the Spring and Summer season ('09). To get the latest from everything going in inside and around the tents, you will want to check out Inside The Tents, a  great website that will feature a collaboration of bloggers' posts covering the events of the week.

The first picture here is what everyone sees outside of the tents during NYFW, but the second image is what us lucky bunch get to see inside the tents. It truly is one of the best New York City events, and I feel very privileged to be in attendance, again this season.