The NEW Brow Pen from Anastasia.

The brow guru, Anastasia Soare, known for her work and now brow salons, Anastasia of Beverly Hills, just released the latest addition to her line up. This is the Anastasia Brow Pen, and it is unlike any other you have tried.

This is a fast drying liquid, in a flattering universal shade, that is simple to use. It is actually much easier to use than a brow pencil or powder, in fact. The unique formula bonds to both skin and hair and looks very natural when used to fill in brows.

My brows are in pretty good shape after letting them grow in a bit and shaping them myself, so I don't have shaping to do that I used to with a pencil. The brow pen fluid is perfect to fill in more sparse spots and doesn't look as harsh, at all. The universal color blends perfectly, and I only think this might be a bit dark for someone with faint, thin, or very blonde brows. But for light brown to dark shades, the color is perfect.

Brow Pen is available now at for $21.00. It is a perfect new addition to your Fall makeup bag.