The BEST of 2008 - Clarisonic Skin Care Brush.

I have only been using this high tech gadget for about two months now - if even that. But the Clarisonic Skin Care Brush has made such a difference in the way that my skin looks and feels, though, that is definitely my favorite of the year.

I use the Clarisonic twice a day. In the shower in the morning: I apply a pea sized dot of Philosophy’s Purity Cleanser in the center of the brush and start the brush up. I use it for one minute on my face and then another minute on my neck and chest. At night, after I remove my eye makeup, I use another dot of cleanser, usually Purity, but if I feel I am needing extra moisture, I might use a more creamy cleanser. I use the brush over my face for just a minute again, but skip the neck and chest as it is too messy to do that out of the shower.

Now, it could just be me, but I swear that my skin serums and moisturizers work much better too. My skin is obviously cleaner than by just washing, and I think this lets my products get right onto the skin - not the particles of dirt and oils that might be left behind without such a thorough cleansing.

Clarisonic is a more expensive product and the brush heads do need changing every 3 - 4 months at $25 a pop. But trust me. If you make the investment for the original $195, you will not be disappointed.