Barbie Loves Stila.

How cute is this? Another makeup collection with Barbie - the one and only beauty and fashion icon, in my mind.

In celebration of Barbie's 50th Anniversary, Stila has teamed up with Barbie for a year long celebration. To begin, there is this Barbie Loves Stila collection, which is exclusive to Sephora and is very limited. Then this Fall, we will be delighted with an entire beauty program from Stila in honor of Barbie. I cannot wait.

First things first, look at the adorable collection of makeup cans - which there are only 10,000 of each one. These will be available Wednesday January 14th at Sephora on 5th Avenue and online at ONLY.

Ponytail Doll (1959) – Lip Color named Ponytail (red), Liquid Eye Liner, a 3-pan paper-wrapped
compact with 2 eye shadows and a cheek color, and a Look Book. $40

I have this Barbie doll. I cannot believe that I found it in a box over at my parents house a few years ago. Of course, I had cut her hair terribly, but it was fun to see it again - and the date of 1959 - even though I wasn't born for many years later.

Malibu Doll (1971) – Lip Glaze named Malibu (pale pink), Lash Visor Mascara in Black, a 3-pan paperwrapped compact with 2 eye shadows and a bronzer, and a Look Book. $40

I remember Malibu Barbie. Is this the Barbie doll that is tan or tanned when you held the doll up to the light? I just remember that I was obsessed with this one and thought it was the best invention watching her skin color get darker.

Foxy Doll (1980) – Lip Glaze named Foxy, Lash Visor Mascara, a paper-wrapped compact with 2 eye
shadows and a cheek color, and a Look Book. $40

I don't remember this Barbie doll at all. I guess I was too old for Barbie's in 1980 or I was too busy out spraying my big hair and disco dancing all night long with endless slumber parties. I don't know. I am totally digging the early 80's look though, for sure.

Jewel Doll (2000) – Lip Glaze named Jewel (bright pink), Multi-Effect Mascara, 2-pan paper-wrapped
compact with 2 eye shadows and a cheek color, and a Look Book. $40

I am surprised that my daughter didn't have this Barbie doll, maybe she did. Frankly she had so many that at this point, I wouldn't be able to tell one from the other. I do remember that Barbie did get smaller breast and a little thicker in the waist around this point. And Jewel doesn't seem to have that platinum blonde hair. She actually looks like a younger version of Barbie.

Additionally, Stila will launch a new version of its breakthrough, patent-pending talking palette with the tips and the tools to get the Barbie look. A Stila Pro-Artist will help aspiring Barbie beauties achieve an iconic look, with the press of a button. This palette will be available exclusively at Sephora and

How cute does this look?

If you are a Barbie fan, than this is a definite must for your collection. I will be online ordering!