Change Your Mascara, Change Your Look with Mascara from Clinique.

No matter what your eyelashes need or want, or if you just want to change it up a bit, you know, just because; Clinique has you covered. Or rather, they have your lashes covered. With 9 mascara options, there is something for you.

All of the following mascaras are allergy tested, 100% fragrance free and ophthalmologist tested. Also, note that each and every formula is tested on sensitive eyes and is safe for even contact lens wearers.

If you do not know where to begin, follow my mini-mascara guide below.

From left to right, Lash Building Primer, Naturally Glossy Mascara, Long Pretty Lashes Mascara, Lash Power Mascara Long-Wearing Formula, Gentle Waterproof Mascara, Lash Doubling Mascara, High Definition Lashes Brush Then Comb Mascara, High impact Curling Mascara, High Impact Mascara.

Lash Building Primer - A Primer for the lashes. A special polymer in this primer makes mascara hold on to lashes longer while making them appear even fuller. $13

Naturally Glossy Mascara - A Natural mascara for an everyday look. It adds a gloss to the lashes as it lengthens and enhances them. In Jet Brown or Jet Black. $14

Long Pretty Lashes Mascara - For the ultimate in long lashes, this mascara lengthens lashes up to 30%. In Black/Brown or Black. $14

Lash Power Mascara Long-Wearing Formula - This is the best long wearing, full 24 hour mascara that last through everything - sweat, humidity, rain, crying, even swimming. This one removes with warm water and gentle tugging along the lash line. See my review here. In Black Onyx or Dark Chocolate. $14

Gentle Waterproof Mascara - For those with smudging issues or those that need to vamp up the lashes while playing sports, this is your best bet. This waterproof version is gentle, yet effective while adding both length and thickness to the lashes. In Black/Brown or Black. $14

Lash Doubling Mascara - If your lashes crave thickness, this mascara delivers 2X the fullness to lashes while adding length and definition too. In Black/Brown or Black. $14

High Definition Lashes Brush Then Comb Mascara - This mascara delivers if you want lashes that are defined. The brush side delivers the formula with great color, then the comb separates lashes. The extra step is worth it if definition is what you are looking for. Black/Brown or Black. $14

High Impact Curling Mascara - This new mascara from the Spring Collection, (more info on that to come this week) the arched wand scoops up and lifts up every last lash while making them longer and thicker. In Black/Brown or Black. $14

High Impact Mascara - Looking for volume? Then this volumizing mascara that gives you lush, plush, full and long lashes is it. In Black/Brown, Black or Black Honey. $14