Pick of the Day - Laura Geller Lip Strip Cooling Sugar Scrub.

One of my stops during Fashion Week next month in New York City will definitely be to the studio of Laura Geller. I am becoming acquainted with many of her products and am quickly adding many of them to my favorites list. This one has definitely caught my eye.

As my lips are dry and peeling all of the time, I have been on the hunt for a scrub. But not any old scrub. I want one that hydrates as it scrubs. And I guess the title of this beauty from Laura Geller says it all: Lip Strip Cooling Sugar Scrub.


The innovative formula will give you the beautiful, smooth lips that make lipstick and gloss go on smoother, last longer and look fabulous. Lip Strip gently buffs dry lips to renewed smoothness.

Historically, sugar is one of the safest natural exfoliants and humectants, and because the skin of the lips is so delicate, pure organic sugar from Brazil was chosen to use as the base of this scrub. In addition, peppermint and spearmint oils were added for a beautiful, refreshing sensation.

Has anyone tried this yet? I think it might just be the answer to my lip scrub search. I will let you know as soon as hit up Sephora and bring one home with me.

$16 Laura Geller Lip Strip Cooling Sugar Scrub