MAC Well-Defined Foundation, Concealer & Brushes.

MAC has been working on Well-Defined for over two years by working backstage and in the lab to perfect their newest foundation and concealer.

Studio Sculpt SPF 15 Foundation
is a rich, luxurious Cream Foundation in tube. This lush uniquely textured foundation delivers ultimate hydration while instantly revitalizing dull and dry skin. Smooth and even application yields a medium buildable coverage with a natural-satin finish. It’s paired with Studio Sculpt Concealer, which provides full-coverage that never becomes dry and cakey with a gel-based cream formula slips onto skin, effortlessly hiding imperfections.

What makes the topography of an interesting face so compelling? The shapes, forms and planes are often made, not born. The secrets of sculpting features, creating volumes where they were once lacking, defining areas that didn’t seem so important, all but hold the power of transformation in your hands! Studio Sculpt SPF 15 Foundation and Studio Sculpt Concealer put infinite possibility at your fingertips!
191 Square Foundation Brush is state-of-the-art application for foundation, 195 Concealer Brush finishes with ultimate precision. Among the finest tools we have.

Now, I am just saying. I had a sneak peek at both the concealer and foundation and you will want to try these. The concealer is perfect for hiding my hyperpigmentation and redness, while I am obsessed with using the foundation under and around my eyes. Yes, not the heavier concealer around my eyes, but the foundation, as it leaves the smoothest of finishes without creeping or caking.

Studio Sculpt Concealer $16.50
NC 15, NC 20, NC 30, NC 35, NC 42, NC 45, NC 50, NW15, NW20, NW25, NW30, NW35, NW40, NW45, NW50

Studio Sculpt SPF 15 Foundation $28
NC 15, NC 20, NC 25, NC 30, NC 35, NC 37, NC 40, NC 42, NC 44, NC 45, NC 50, NC 55, NW15, NW20, NW25, NW30, NW35, NW40, NW43, NW45, NW47, NW50, NW55

191 Foundation Brush $32
A large, flat, square-shaped synthetic-fibre brush with a fine, firm edge for distribution and blending of liquid, emulsion or cream products on the face or body.

195 Concealer Brush $22
Flexible, synthetic flat brush with slight pointed tip for application and blending of all concealer formulas and other emollient products.

Prep + Prime Skin $23

Look for Well-Defined on counter and online February 7th, where it will become part of the permanent collection.