Brighten Eyes with CoverGirl Eye Lights.

For an instant and easy brightening to the eyes you need to give this mascara a try. Making your own eye color pop with the use of some special light reflecting tints and metallics is the key in Covergirl's Eye Lights.

You see, there are four specially formulated shades for each eye color. There is Black Pearl for Brown eyes, Black Ruby for Green eyes, Black Gold for Hazel eyes, and Black Sapphire for Blue Eyes.

As I have hazel/green eyes, I tried both the Black Gold and Black Ruby. I will admit that I was afraid to try the Black Ruby as I didn't want anything red near my eyes, but the tint was really undetectable. All it did was brighten my eye, and make my eye look much more green. The same with the Black Gold, as my eyes were very bright and almost glistening in a golden brown/green color. Very unique.

You can pick up Exact Lash Eye Lights Mascara at drugstores and mass retailers for $7.49. A waterproof version is also available for thos who wish that type of formula.


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