Ojon Tawaka - The White Ball.

If you have yet to see one of these creations, take a look. From Ojon is the Tawaka - The White Ball.

This handcrafted beauty of a ball is made for cleansing and conditioning of the skin. Rub it around over your hands and body in the shower or bath to get clean and super smooth skin. It is pretty addictive as I will probably think twice about returning to body wash again. I love the way that this ball is not only unique, but it smells so nice, almost like a sweet white chocolate. Leaving my skin soft without the need for an extra step of applying body lotion is what probably did it for me in the end.

The White Ball is handcrafted from White Cocoa Seed Butter, along with it's famous Ojon ingredients and some specially formulated skin softening oils. It is pretty much all natural, no sulfates or additives here. Just natural goodness in a very luxurious form.

Ojon Tawaka comes with it's very own bowl to place the ball in when not using, which is best for extending the life of the ball. I have been using mine for a few weeks now and it is yet to be half gone, so it does last with proper care.

Scoop this Sephora exclusive up now, as originally it was priced at $65, but is now on sale for $35.

Ojon Tawaka - The White Ball