Pick of the Day - Elizabeth Arden Pure Finish Mineral Powder Foundation.

I seem to have a problem with mineral powder foundations making me get red and itchy, but I have not given up hope in finding one that works for me just yet. This is definitely one I want to try and needs to be on our mineral makeup radar. This is Elizabeth Arden's Pure Finish Mineral Powder Foundation with SPF 20.

This ingenious makeup takes the mess out of loose powder mineral makeup and gives you the purest, non-drying, perfect application. With its new fresh ground technology, just twist, swirl, tap and apply for pure perfection every time. Fresh ground. No waste. No mess. This powder comes in an easy grinder compact so you control just the amount of coverage you need. Turn to release a fresh layer of microlight powder with each application and grind precisely the amount you want to use. No more powder everywhere.

Bonnie Beer, Vice President of Global Color Marketing for Elizabeth Arden, describes the inspiration for the new formula: "When we developed Pure Finish, we wanted to create a new, innovative approach to minerals. Of course we wanted to provide a luxurious and non-drying formula for our consumer as well as address her concerns about mess, waste and purity. With its built-in grinder, we offer the ability to grind a single use application each day, like fresh ground coffee. That means she is getting the freshest, purest product each time with no waste or mess. It's pure perfection."

Inside the formula:
Sea Water Minerals: Sea water contains all the elements present in the human body, so it is especially compatible with skin. It’s rich in calcium and magnesium, essential elements that support skin’s own natural mineral equilibrium to strengthen skin’s appearance.
Mica: Adds luminosity and reflects light for a soft focus look.
Silica: Spherical powder gives a smooth feel and helps soften imperfections.
Squalane: Delivers moisturizing benefits.
Magnesium myristate: Creates a soft, luxurious texture.
Vitamins A, C and E: Condition skin and help protect against environmental assaults.
Aloe: Soothing and moisturizing
Titanium Dioxide: a mineral that provides natural sun protection.

Pure Finish Mineral Powder Foundation is available in eight Pure Finish Shades at Elizabeth Arden counters and online for $37.50.

Pure Finish Mineral Powder Foundation