Pink Products: Peace of Mind.

Overwhelmed? Stressed? Who isn't?

In this rush, rush always on the go society, it is important to sometimes stop and take a deep breath in order to alleviate a bit of the pressure.  When I am feeling a bit of this pressure, I like to grab my trusty Peace of Mind On-the-spot Relief from Origins.

This oil is a blend of powerful de-stressing ingredients including Basil, Eucalyptus and Peppermint. These are all proven to bring on more calming feelings, and I believe that it does. Otherwise, I probably would not reach for it as often as I do.

This month, Origins has specially packaged Peace of Mind in a pretty pink bottle and box. For just $10 at Origins counters and online, Origins will donate $35,000 from the sales of Peace of Mind to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

*I received this product as a press sample at a press event.