Wipe It Away with POND'S.

I panicked for a few minutes when I had left my trusty Korres Makeup Removing Wipes at home on my latest trip to NYC. Thankfully, I went to a great blogger party that was sponsored by some really great brands and in my gift bag was a package of these wipes from POND'S. I tried them out immediately.

The POND'S Original Clean Wet Cleansing Towelettes saved me from having to run to Sephora, as when I travel, cleansing wipes are a must for me. These wipes took of my makeup in record time, leaving my skin clean and feeling fresh. I have been easily irritated by a good number of cleaning wipes in the past, so I was more than thrilled that these did not bother my sensitive skin.


These towlettes definitely whip it all away and easily. Equally as nice is that fact that one wipe removed every bit of makeup, including stubborn waterproof mascara, dirt, grime and oils. I usually need to use at least two wipes from other brands, to get a thorough cleansing.

For around $3 which includes 30 wet towelettes, I am smitten. Pick them up at your drugstore and become entranced as well. I even noticed a Micro Dermabrasion and Age Defying versions that I might try when I run out of these.

*I received a press sample of this product from a representative of the company.